Angel’s Baby Shower

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021, was a special day for the Starlight family. Angel, our care manager who has taken an extended maternity leave, returned for a baby shower in her honor. Angel’s husband, James, was the celebrated father-to-be. 

Vanessa, our staffing coordinator, doubled as event planner for a couple of weeks. Vanessa coordinated office decorations, food and beverages, and sent out invitations to all caregivers. The rest of the office staff joined in the effort to bring it all together.

Several caregivers joined us for an afternoon of celebration. One caregiver brought her client to the party. Food included special contributions from the Starlight office staff. Smiles and laughter were seen constantly throughout the day.

When the festivities were over, the couple loaded their shower gifts in the office wagon and packed them in their car. We shared a final laugh as James made a return trip, and brought an overloaded wagon of diapers to the car. The entire Starlight family was left with a warm glow for the rest of the week.