Caregiver of the Month - September 2021

Starlight would like to to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the Month.

Congratulations and we are extremely appreciative to have TOM KEENAN as our Caregiver of the month. Surprise Tom!

Tom has been tirelessly working hard in the field and in the office. Tom engages clients with empathy and confidence, commits to a regular work day and on-call schedule, and serves as a role model by being actively involved in client care and assists staff in the development of the care plan. Tom also assists with client and/or caregiver issues including on site checks and supervisory visits. This past month, Starlight has had to rely on Tom to cover shifts and deal with major issues in a very professional manner. Tom's extensive knowledge regarding caregivers and clients helps to provide a smooth execution of the different tasks involved in running the agency.

Thank you Tom for all that you do!!