Caregiver of the Month - June 2022

Starlight would like to acknowledge our Caregiver of the month, Michelle Eral. Michelle was spotlighted among all of our great Caregivers. She engages her clients in a fun manner while maintaining her professional stature. Michelle is very consistent with care and develops a great working relationship with all clients and staff. She is very thorough in sending shift notes, care logs, and communicating with the office. Her support and attentiveness to each client to whom she is assigned always results in positive feedback. We really appreciate her dedication and compassionate care with each client. Thank you for all you do Michelle, we sincerely respect your commitment. ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the month for May 2022

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our caregiver of the month for May 2022. Congratulations to Frances Mah who chosen among all of our great caregivers. Frances is highly experienced and skilled, dedicated, conscientious, patient and very passionate about client care. She gains trust and security from all clients while focusing on their individual care needs. Frances is very attentive to reporting issues or concerns to the office. Her shift notes and care logs are always on time and contain important details. We sincerely appreciate all of her hard work and commitment. Thank you Frances and congratulations! ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month - April 2022

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our caregiver of the Month for February 2022. Congratulations to Edward Morell on his attentiveness and consistency in client care. Edward is, and continues to be, essential to the team. He is highly dependable, patient and a great communicator. Besides being an empathetic caregiver, he is also a great team player in helping the care team coordinate and schedule the daily workload. There is no shortage of good things to say about Edward, but most of all, we sincerely appreciate his dedication to care. Thank you Ed! ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month for March 2022

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the Month for March 2022. Congratulations to Milagros Carlos on her exceptional care and communication. Mila is very consistent with care and develops a great working relationship with everyone involved. Mila is very thorough in her shift notes, communication to the office, and care logs. She is always on time. Her support and attentiveness to each client assigned to her always results in positive feedback. We sincerely appreciate her dedication and compassionate care with each client. A long overdue congratulations to you Mila. Thank you! ...Continue Reading

Teamwork Donation to Tonga Alonga Centre

Starlight's wonderful Tongan employees, both in the office and our caregivers, recently collaborated to gather and purchase important supplies and food for donation. These items have been shipped to Tonga to support the Alonga Centre at Pea, located in Tongatapu. The Alonga Centre supports disabled and handicapped individuals. A special thank you to our great team. ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month for February 2022

Caregiver of the Month for February 2022 Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the month. Congratulations to Erlinda Reyes, chosen from among all our great Caregivers. Erlinda has always been professional and knowledgeable and provides her best of care to all clients. She stays client-focused at all times and gives comfort and encouragement. Notably, during the recent spike of Covid, Erlinda was willing to take care of clients despite their status of exposure and testing positive. She was committed with dedication and we truly appreciate it. Erlinda continues to follow documentation requirements and submits care logs and shift notes on time for which we are very grateful. Thank you Erlinda for the great care you provide. ...Continue Reading

National Caregivers Day!

National Caregivers Day is Friday, February 18, and Starlight Caregivers is urging everyone in home health, home care, and hospice to use the occasion to draw attention to the selfless work caregivers do all over the country. On National Caregivers Day we honor those who give endlessly of their own time and energy to help our loved ones live better lives. It especially applies to those caregivers who help our elderly and disabled friends, family, and neighbors who require long-term care in home care, home health, and hospice. ...Continue Reading

Employee Spotlight - Tom

We celebrated our Tom Keenan's third year working in this office by hosting a small party. He has been with us now for over 6.5 years total and he has been a true asset. Tom joined Starlight in 2015 and plays a key role as our Client Care Coordinator Lead. With extensive experience in caregiving, he started in the field caring for his own father, followed by numerous clients with needs ranging from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and quadriplegics. Tom is passionate about his work and operates on the philosophy of client advocacy first. A Bay Area native with five siblings, he graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Business Administration and is now working towards Geriatric Care Manager certification. Thank you Tom! ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month for January 2022

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the Month for January 2022. Congratulations to Carolyn Wolhert. Carol had a serious injury that forced her to recover from home. When she finally received her clearance from her doctor, she returned back to work in full throttle by picking up every shift possible. Whether day or night and at any day of the week, Carol's flexibilities greatly support Starlight's office needs and of course our client's needs. Her communication is key in which Carol executes to complete daily care logs, shift notes and reporting changes in care to the office. We really appreciate the great care that she provides her full commitment as a Starlight Caregiver. Many thanks to Carol! ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Year 2021

Starlight is honored to name David Stowell as our outstanding CAREGIVER OF THE YEAR for 2021! David has been with Starlight for over four years and has made a huge impact with every client. He is very dedicated, engaging, an an extremely and genuinely caring individual. David is a special asset and a great ambassador for Starlight. We sincerely appreciate him for his services. Thank you David! ...Continue Reading

December 2021 Caregiver of the Month

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the month for December. For our final "Caregiver of the Month" for 2021, Starlight would like to recognize Mercedes Wojell. Mercedes is known to take on difficult clients and deliver great results. Whether clients are physically difficult or cognitively impaired, Mercedes excels at engaging clients and establishing a connection with them. In the past few months, she experienced the passing of two clients, which can be heartbreaking, yet she was still able to continue on and give care to other clients that were assigned. Mercedes, you are truly appreciated by Starlight clients and office staff. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Mercedes! Thank you for the the great care that you give and your full commitment as a Starlight Caregiver. ...Continue Reading

Wishing you a wonderful 2022

Wishing all our caregivers, clients, families, partners and community a very happy and safe holiday season. We very much look forward to working with you, and for you, in 2022 and feel blessed and honored for the opportunity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month November 2021

Starlight would like to take this time and acknowledge our Caregiver of the month for November 2021.Congratulations to Michael Wen, chosen from among all our great Caregivers. Michael started with Starlight over nine months ago. He has worked diligently around the clock taking trainings and working shifts to develop confidence and additional experience. He is a full-time caregiver for Starlight and favored by his regular clients. Michael’s positive, energetic, sweet, and empathetic personality and attitude have made our challenging clients feel warm and comfortable. Michael is always willing to help with filling in shifts whenever the office reaches out to him for help. He graciously accepts new challenges and loves to learn and train on tasks ahead. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Michael! Starlight appreciates the great care that you give and your full commitment as a Starlight Caregiver. ...Continue Reading

Caregiver(s) of the Month - October

Congratulations to Latu Vaivai and Alice Liu, chosen from among all our great Caregivers we have here at Starlight. This month is special since we have two very well deserved Caregivers that we could not pass up this month. Both have shown dedication to all our clients' care. ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month - September 2021

Congratulations and we are extremely appreciative to have TOM KEENAN as our Caregiver of the month. Tom has been tirelessly working hard in the field and in the office. Tom engages clients with empathy and confidence, commits to a regular work day and on-call schedule, and serves as a role model by being actively involved in client care and assists staff in the development of the care plan. Tom also assists with client and/or caregiver issues including on site checks and supervisory visits. This past month, Starlight has had to rely on Tom to cover shifts and deal with major issues in a very professional manner. Tom's extensive knowledge regarding caregivers and clients helps to provide a smooth execution of the different tasks involved in running the agency. ...Continue Reading

Caregiver of the Month - August

Congratulations to Adriana Tapia Medrano, chosen from among all our great Caregivers. Adriana has proven great leadership and is able to manage all client's care and needs. Adriana is very creative in entertaining and engaging with clients such as planning outdoor trips and visiting a client's favorite restaurant. With all that is required from Caregiver day after day, Adriana continues to show her compassion, empathy, and her support. Adriana is that and much more. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Adriana! Starlight appreciates the great care that you give and your full commitment as a Starlight Caregiver. ...Continue Reading

Geriatric Care Managers Advocate for Seniors — and Their Caregivers

With changing times comes a change in the way we care for our elders. In the past, extended families often shared the job of tending to their senior loved ones. These days, families may live farther apart, and the responsibility for care can fall on one overwhelmed family member. The good news is that geriatric care managers can help. These professionals, sometimes called “aging life care managers,” are usually licensed and trained in senior care. They act as private advocates and guides for family members who want to ensure their loved one is in the best hands, and they generally serve clients and families whose incomes are too high to qualify for publicly financed services. "Caring for a senior can often be an overwhelming process,” says Cathryn A. Devons, assistant clinical professor of geriatrics and palliative medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “Geriatric care managers seek to make the process easier by serving as an advocate or counselor — taking the pressure off of family members who often have other commitments, such as parenting and workplace responsibilities.” The number of caregivers who need help will continue to increase. People 65 and older now make up about 16 percent of the U.S. population, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Population Reference Bureau. By 2060, that share is expected to rise to 23 percent, and the number of seniors is projected to nearly double to 95 million, in part because people are living longer. ...Continue Reading

What Is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A geriatric care manager, usually a licensed nurse or social worker who specializes in geriatrics, is a sort of "professional relative" who can help you and your family to identify needs and find ways to meet your needs. These specially trained professionals can help find resources to make your daily life easier. They will work with you to form a long-term care plan and find the services you need. Geriatric care managers can be especially helpful when family members live far apart. If asked, they will check in with you from time to time to make sure your needs haven't changed. ...Continue Reading

Angel’s Baby Shower

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021, was a special day for the Starlight family. Angel, our care manager who has taken an extended maternity leave, returned for a baby shower in her honor. Angel’s husband, James, was the celebrated father-to-be.  Vanessa, our staffing coordinator, doubled as event planner for a couple of weeks. Vanessa coordinated office decorations, food and beverages, and sent out invitations to all caregivers. The rest of the office staff joined in the effort to bring it all together. Several caregivers joined us for an afternoon of celebration. One caregiver brought her client to the party. Food included special contributions from the Starlight office staff. Smiles and laughter were seen constantly throughout the day. When the festivities were over, the couple loaded their shower gifts in the office wagon and packed them in their car. We shared a final laugh as James made a return trip, and brought an overloaded wagon of diapers to the car. The entire Starlight family was left with a warm glow for the rest of the week. ...Continue Reading

Rest in Peace Evelyn Alderman

On June 1, 2021, the Starlight family lost one of its own. Evelyn Alderman, our caregiver of the month this past April, passed away rather suddenly following surgery. Evelyn was only 54 years old. Before she left this world, Evelyn requested her selection as Caregiver of the Month at Starlight to be noted in her obituary. ...Continue Reading

Curing Alzheimer’s in America

Imagine waking up one morning and not knowing whether you’re in your own home, let alone your hometown. The faces around you are unfamiliar, and you don’t know who to ask for help—or what to say. This is a daily reality for more than 5.7 million Americans. These people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a debilitating, ultimately fatal chronic condition that destroys nerve cells in the brain. Currently, there is no cure. ...Continue Reading