Statements gathered below are from third-party quality assurance services that include Caring.com and also Yelp. Be sure to also review the numerous positive comments in the Yelp hidden review section.

Renee Z., San Diego

Our family's need for caregiving was unfortunately only about six weeks, but Starlight really came through for us when we needed them.
In our situation we initially needed someone during daytime hours and evening to assist my father as his ability to get around and care for himself became impaired due to illness. He also preferred caregivers who spoke Mandarin Chinese, although English was fine as well. We liked how Starlight started by sending a different caregiver each day for a few days, which my sister and I could see through a scheduling website. They then asking for feedback via a group text message feed shared with their administrative staff, which assisted with narrowing down which were the best fit for him. The text messaging was also handy for schedule change requests, instances where a caregiver arrived after the retirement home front lobby was locked (so we had to meet them ourselves), and other instances where quick responses were needed. I don't recall any time where we waited more than a few minutes for a reply, even at night.
When we had a regular schedule, 7 days a week of 12 hours per day, it was typically the same 3 caregivers that came. When I was able to be in town with my father, we reduced hours or skipped days with at least 48 hours notice, which they made easy to do. About 3 weeks after starting, my father's condition declined to needing 24 hour care, and Starlight was able to fill that need within hours. There were a couple of scheduling mixups during our time with Starlight, but they always hurriedly filled the shift as soon as we notified them via group text, and the prior caregiver typically stayed until someone else arrived unless we said it was ok to leave. Nan/Sarah graciously once stayed over an hour later.
During the 6 weeks with Starlight we were served by about 10-15 different caregivers, daytime and overnight, in 12-hour shifts. We found them to be caring, adaptive to my father's needs, conscientious, and respectful of my father's condition and dignity.  Although of varying experience levels, it seemed just about all of them had past personal experience with pancreatic cancer in their families or clients. One caregiver, Roanne, had even worked at a sister facility as a CNA in their assisted living area. Their willingness to talk to me about their experiences and what to expect really helped me as well.
Overall, we are grateful to have found such a responsive and caring company to assist us and provide my father with the care he needed, and I would not hesitate to reach out to Duanni and her team if I, or anyone I cared about, needed assistance again.

Laurie P., San Francisco

My family and I are very, very happy with StarLight Caregivers.  The agency was recommended to me by a friend who has also had a great experience with them.  StarLight Caregivers is expertly and professionally run by Duanni Hurd. We started working with the agency in December 2019. Even before the pandemic, I was impressed with my interactions with her and her staff, especially Angel Abell who has been wonderful to work with and very understanding and professional.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to use the agency and have been reassured by the all the precautionary measures they are taking to keep their clients and staff safe.  We have worked with other agencies in the past, and we can confidently say that Starlight Caregivers clearly surpasses them.  The agency has always been responsive to our requests and worked with us to find the right match for my father.  In addition, the staff at Starlight are kind, helpful, and delightful people to work with. We are extremely happy with our caregiver.  He is highly skilled, caring, professional, diplomatic, and understands what my father needs and prefers in terms of care.  I highly recommend Starlight Caregivers.  Working with this outstanding agency has made a huge positive difference for our family!  Thank you, Starlight Caregivers!!

Daryl, C, Menlo Park

Starlight has been providing caregivers for my 90 year old mother for almost 1 year now. We were referred to them by a geriatric counselor, as we were having difficulty receiving reliable care from another service. Starlight is the perfect combination of technology and human touch! They use technology so that everyone on their care team has easy access to communication, but they are always willing to jump on a call to discuss a question or concern. Mom has had a wonderful weekday caregiver on a consistent basis and it has made all the difference to her well being! Since mom is more isolated from her family members due to the Corona Virus, her amazing caregiver has been a life line! I highly recommend Starlight to anyone seeking quality, reliable care from a company with high integrity.

Hali H, Seattle, WA

We've been working with StarLight for a couple years, since moving my parents into assisted living. Starlight has been fantastic to work with: flexible, accommodating, and my Dad's current caretakers are really excellent companions and helpers for him. We are very happy with the services and have felt reassured by their added safety measures during COVID. As is true with many health care agencies, I just wish they could pay their staff more to help with retention and job satisfaction! 

DJ, for a friend

I'm responsible for an elderly friend who lives 100 miles from me. I signed up with Starlight over two years ago to provide a Care Manager and daily caregivers (ranging from 10 hrs/day to 6 hrs/day). Since then they have scheduled capable and caring caregivers through a variety of schedule changes and crises (including COVID!) without a blip. The Care Manager is available to handle anything that comes up - taking my friend to doctor appointments, helping during moves (from one facility to another), buying and delivering necessities that come up, and taking my friend out to lunch often to an old favorite restaurant of hers. I am able to see their schedules and daily caregiver reports online. The owner, care manager, and office staff are all available to me via phone and email, and have always been very responsive. My friend has not been easy to care for, often resistant and argumentative. I have always been confident that her care is excellent. I highly recommend Starlight.

Ed Y., Palo Alto, CA
I rarely give public endorsements to businesses, but when a business delivers to impossible expectations, it's deserving of recognition.

My 80+ year old mother fell three times within a year, and endured constant pain recovering from shingles. She preferred aging in place at her home but refused the idea of a caregiver. To make the situation more challenging my mother only speaks Cantonese and is generally anti social. I worked with Starlight for a year to figure out a solution to a seemingly impossible situation. The Starlight team, lead by Duanni was extremely patient, understanding and accommodating. We tried multiple caregivers and they are all excellent. They are very experienced dealing with caring for the elderly that want to age in place, and in particular, dealing with cross cultural and communication differences within a family unit.

Today my mother is great friends with both her caregivers and is living a more independent and happier life than I thought possible. And that makes the extended family's lives much happier as well. We have Starlight to thank for it.

Laurie G., Los Gatos, CA
This place is run by an amazing team of people who are loving, patient and capable. When my dad was hospitalized on a holiday weekend, StarLight was able to find a caregiver for my mom within 24 hrs. They have helped with hospital visits, coordinating the signing of legal documents, getting takeouts, shopping for hard to find light bulbs, dealing with impossible furniture deliveries, all whist caring for my "extra grace required" parents. They have a solid selection of care givers who can take on daily shifts or 24 hour care. They also have a client portal where I can see the visit logs, ongoing schedule, and caregiver profiles. I'm so grateful for what they have done for my family!

Barbara B., Dixon, CA
We used Starlight Caregivers for in-home, live-in care for our 84-year-old Dad who needed help with all his personal care, medications, blood pressure, wound care, meals, etc. Due to his height and weight, coupled with immobility, a power lift was needed to get move him between his wheelchair and his bed. So he was not an easy patient, physically, although he was a super nice guy!

I strongly recommend Starlight Caregivers for several reasons:

1. The quality of the caregivers they sent. The caregivers that Starlight and were CNAs with very high skill sets that matched Dad's care needs. They had no trouble using our equipment, learning Dad's routine, and managing his care from the moment they entered our home. We also found them to be people of great loyalty and high integrity whom we could completely trust in our home and with our dad.

2. Great match of interests and personality between caregivers and our dad. Before placing a caregiver in our home, the owner of the company, Duanni Hurd, and her director of care, visited Dad at home and interviewed him and us about his medical condition, care requirements, preferences and interests. Dad was a retired scientist with a wide range of highly technical interests. We were particularly amazed that Starlight Caregivers was able to send a CNA who actually knew and had used the specific kind of scientific instruments that our dad used to design. Dad was thrilled, too.

3. Cost sensitivity and scheduling. Changes to the regulations for paying in-home caregivers that went into effect in early 2015 have made it virtually impossible to afford 24-hour in-home care. This is something that Starlight Caregivers and others throughout the home care industry are trying to get changed. But in the meantime, Starlight Caregivers provided us with scheduling alternatives that kept down the cost considerably. And they managed the caregivers' schedules so that we were not caught up in a nightmare of juggling multiple caregiver schedules ourselves.

All in all, I was extremely pleased with the service, compassion and knowledge that Starlight Caregivers provided. If faced with this situation again, I would definitely call on them, and I highly recommend others to do so.

Russell B., Los Altos Hills, CA
We would like to thank Angel and the caregivers at Starlight for helping us with our 85 year old mother. We had a sudden and difficult transition in moving Mom from the East Coast back to Northern California; this was complicated by a bad fall, which broke her ankle. Mom needed to finish recuperating here at our house, while we prepared her new permanent living facility. During this time, we had Starlight provide twice weekly support for bathing and other personal support. Reaching out for help for Mom was the right call! The caregivers were wonderful and gave us a much needed respite from round-the-clock support availability. We highly recommend Starlight Caregivers to anyone who is dealing with a similar situation. Thanks again to Angel and her team!

Channingrose H., San Francisco, CA
I just wanted to take the time to show how gracious the family and I were to have hired StarLight. As a private caregiver, I hired StarLight for those hours I couldn't work and needing a little extra help. StarLight not only staffed amazing caregivers around the clock but they also had extreme patience, understanding of her frustrations, companionship, and a good listening ear. All the caregivers went over and beyond for her, which we all appreciated. Duanni and Angel worked remarkably with the client and myself in our time of need; whether if that meant understanding her needs, the constant schedule changes, or finding the best fit caregivers. They worked side by side with the family and I to make sure her finally days where peaceful, easy, and enjoyable. Thank you so much to the owner, the office staff, and the caregivers.

Dan R., Templeton, CA
We never had to use a caregiver service before so I looked at the reviews on yelp and went with starlight.We could not of been happier the owner Duanni was attentive and sensitive and answered all my questions. The staff is fantastic she hires the best people! This is is the place that you need to hire if you're looking for someone to take care of someone you love! I could not be happier. It made a horrible situation a little bit more bearable knowing that the people taking care of my dad really cared.

Patricia S., San Carlos, CA
Starlight provided excellent care for my father during his last months and days. We were very impressed with the caregivers' training levels, backgrounds, kindness, and intelligence. It was a difficult time for my family and one we had no experience with or idea what to expect. At every step of the way they helped us care for my dad and make his time comfortable. We had used another service earlier but the caregivers from that agency did not have near the training or experience that those from Starlight demonstrated.

Starlight caregivers are the best, including Brenda, Maribel, Cesar, Cynthia, and Arcadia . In particular, I would commend Brenda for her steadfastness, counseling, and care abilities. Maribel provided cooking and housekeeping as well as singing beautifully to entertain my dad. Cesar had so much experience, helped us organize the details of hospice care, provided excellent personal care for my dad, and was able to transfer my dad to a chair to keep him engaged with people and family life. Arcadia also had a lot of experience and was able to transfer my dad and provide excellent personal care. Cynthia knew every detail and nuance of caring for my dad. She was with him at the end and helped us all immeasurably with the transition.

Linda E., Mountain View, CA
Starlight Caregivers provided professional, caring, and knowledgeable staff to assist me during a recent hip replacement surgery. Brittany was very friendly, very helpful and a joy to be around. Azzia was very knowledgeable of PT and greatly assisted with mobility and movement from the very beginning. My husband and I were very pleased with the professional care we received from all associated with Starlight Caregivers.

Clair B., Palo Alto, CA
My thanks to Starlight Caregivers for their professionalism, quick responses, reliability, follow through, and caring during a difficult, extended medical period both in the hospital post major surgery and in the weeks following at home. Not only was I assured of having the shifts covered but Starlight took the trouble to note the caregivers with whom I felt most at ease and trustful. Patients always have natural affinities with certain caregivers yet this is rarely noted by an agency if the caregiver is competent, caring, and trained. However, Starlight noted my affinities (even those I don't remember post surgically!) and did their best to send me the caregivers with whom I felt most simpatico. I recommend them highly. Jill

Katharine H., Portland OR
There are not enough Yelp stars for this company! Although he needed help, my dad was very reluctant to allow caregivers into his home. The people in charge at Starlight, Duanni, Angel, and Alex, took the time to get to know him and to select the perfect caregivers for his needs. They made personal visits to the house on multiple occasions, welcomed his input, checked in with me by telephone and email several times a week, and sought feedback from both family and caregivers on a regular basis, making adjustments here and there (and sometimes house calls) to make sure my dad was completely safe and comfortable.

They did not settle for less, were exceptionally sensitive to my dad's feelings, and never seemed put out by our idiosyncratic requests, day or night, week day or weekend. Within a month or two, Dad told me that he considered the Starlight folks to be, not only his caregivers, but his friends. I can't imagine a better outcome. Starlight allowed my dad to stay in his home of 56 years where he was happy and relatively independent. In fact, his caregivers, especially Margie, Tessie, Eva, and Olga, enriched his final months, for which I am very grateful. Truly, Starlight is as good as can be at providing top-notch professional in-home care!

Tracee C., San Jose, California
I would like to recommend Starlight Caregivers to anyone who is looking for someone to take care of a loved one. Starlight has been extremely reliable and truly goes the extra mile to assure that those in need of their services, are provided with the best possible care by professionals who are attentive, compassionate, and patient. As needs have changed over time, so have schedules, and Starlight has always accommodated us and assured that my mom's caregivers are people she will be compatible with and enjoy. I have enjoyed working with Alex and Duanni in the office very much, and am confident that my mom's happiness, comfort and safety has always been their utmost priority.

Justin L., Milpitas, CA

Samantha was really informative and responsive when helping me find the right caregiver for my grandmother. She really seemed to care about my grandma's wellbeing and can't thank her enough.

David K., San Jose, CA
I am writing this review as a current employee of this company.

Before I get into the details, a little about my background in caregiving: I've been working in the field of caregiving since 2009. During these last 5 years, I've built my working knowledge of diverse disabilities by providing great and satisfactory care to all my clients and even had the pleasure of experiencing life as a live-in caregiver for almost 2 years. With that being said, if you have been a caregiver as long as I have, you will agree that one of the most important factor to taking care of clients is communication between the caregiver and the agency.

Now, I've been with 4 different agencies before this one and I have to compliment on the fact that Starlight's management is absolutely superb. One factor I can always count on is the management's ability to keep everything organized. They work day and night to ensure that every client gets the most appropriate care/services. I can always count on my agency's management to be there to answer my questions, even in the middle of the night. I sincerely appreciate all the hard work Duanni, Nancy, and Aliza puts in to ensure that EVERYONE is happy. As a student scrambling around to make enough money for rent, classes, textbooks, etc., I can say with confidence that Starlight is very accommodating to its caregivers. Duanni was more than willing to work with my tight schedule (I also work 10am-5pm in a restaurant Mon-Fri AND go to DeAnza to pursue a career in nursing) and provide me with continuous overnight shifts for the past 3 months.

I believe I do not need to write any more regarding the quality of care we provide. As you can see from all the satisfactory reviews from actual clients, the quality of the services provided by Duanni and her company is TOP notch. If you or your loved ones are in need of excellent care, I can say without a doubt in my mind that all of us Starlight Caregivers genuinely love putting a smile on the face of each and every person we work with."

Martin E., San Ramon, CA
Amazingly caring, professional and reliable!

My 93 yr old mother had a stroke and couldn't even stand. She was just moving between the bed and chair, couldn't make it to the bathroom even. Starlight came to the home and helped with lifting her spirits, grooming, meals and nourishment, tidying, and most importantly with encouraging and assisting with a set of exercises the doctor recommended.

Thanks to this care, within a couple months she is now fully ambulatory... can walk without a walker or cane! The visit reports online allowed us to know what was happening, and is a great relief to the family.

Highly recommended!

Almond J., Oakland, CA
Starlight caregivers has been an amazing find for us. Our mother has needed increasing care in her home over the pas year and Duane, Angel and Alex have provided very caring and insightful support through really sensitive management of the emotional and psychological issues as well as the physical and practical problems. This is not an easy job to do well but the really do a great job in a very respectful way. Their work is very much appreciated by our family. Thank you Starlight

Joseph A., San Jose, CA
I want to thank StarLight CareGivers for being there for my father in-law (Jack) when he was released from the hospital after his high heart rate treatment. StarLight was very responsive in such a short notice and provided quality caregivers. My father in-law needed help with getting in and out of bed, dressing, going to the bathroom, getting meals or medication etc. for the first month and half and the great support allowed my mother in-law (Margaret) the rest she needed. Everyone I had contact with at StarLight was so helpful and friendly, I would call them again should the need arise and would definitely recommend them.

Jennifer W., Cloverdale, CA
My Mother lived at home until she was 92, so we had many caregivers from people I got from an ad to other companies like this one. I would say this company was the best of all of them. They are very attentive, prompt, and business-like, while being caring and human, too. The family portal is a valuable tool to check on activities, etc. I would choose them again in the same situation.

Anna J., Gardiner, MT

Starlight saved the day when Mom suddenly fell, & we were told to get her round-the-clock care by the hospital doctors. Angel (one of Starlight's coordinators), was truly an angel with her sincere empathy & willingness to send a caregiver out to us immediately! I'll never forget it; Starlight had our back. What a relief! But wait--it gets better...

Starlight showed us that they were committed to matching Mom with a caregiver that fit her needs. Duanni, the founder, even came to visit Mom to assess her needs. Starlight was always prompt in all communication, and proved to go above and beyond to provide the very best customer care. Starlight has become an extension of our family--loving, personal, and supportive to both Mom and myself. I highly recommend Starlight!!!

Krista F., San Francisco, CA
This service is a Godsend. When my mother needed help, Duanni was there right away for a very thorough and compassionate assessment. Her caregiver staff were great, and any issues were handled sensitively and expediently. When I suddenly needed to increase my mother's care to 24-7, Angel had a staff put together for this within hours of calling her. I am enormously grateful that Starlight is there.

Kasumi L., San Mateo, CA
We have been with StarLight for 3 years now. My Dad is 94 and has dementia and I need someone to take care of him while I am at work. I have been through 3 agencies and they have been the best so far. The caregivers also do all his personal hygiene and bath so when I come home and on the weekend I do not have to do it. Thank you StarLight!

Michael E., Cupertino, CA

We are pleased with our caregiver from Starlight Caregivers. I require assistance with dressing, shower transfers and exercises. Preparation of a light breakfast relieves me of this time consuming task. Help with household needs, from changing light bulbs to emptying trash is a necessity. Our assigned caregiver is reliable, punctual, personable and willing to address new requirements as needed.

Lynda S., Moier, OR
Excellent service !! The caregivers were all well-trained, compassionate and on time. My mother needed 24 home care in the last several months of her life, and I could be there only part time. Starlight was exceptional in meeting our last minute needs, answering my questions, changing medications and food, and keeping the family updated on a daily basis with an online summary of care. The all night caregivers were attentive and responsive. I had tried two other companies and StarLight Caregivers was definitely a step above in all ways ! I know it's hard to sort out all the companies, but this one is definitely highly recommended.

Michelle R., San Jose, CA
Alex was extremely helpful to me! I called him early on a Friday morning and even though he was not able to provide the care I needed he pointed me in the right direction and explained a few things to me. Later when I called him and asked for his help he again jumped on board and began to help me. When I called back to say I had gone in a different direction he was supportive of my decision! He made a very stressful day a little less stressful and his information helped me come to the decision I did. If I do ever need a caregiver I will for certain reach out to StarLight again! Thank you Alex!!!!

Sound C., Sunnyvale, CA
We've used the service for the last two years and are impressed with their caregivers. They work with the family to find the most suitable one. We are very pleased with our assigned caregiver and glad she stays on steadily. Professional, loving. Prices are higher than other agencies but worth the money b/c of the quality people they hire.

Cher P., San Francisco, CA
Their business name is genuine to their work. Duanni, Alex and Angel are on top of their game in the caregiving business. I had the challenge of needing a replacement caregiver within a 24 hour period for a 1 week period. Alex worked non stop with me until we found the right fit for a client of mine. They are passionate at what they do and have a large resource of caregivers. The sense of security and trust I received from their team is one to be admired. I highly recommend StarLight Caregivers Agency.

Leslie O., San Carlos, CA
We have been using them since March and have been very happy with the professional service we have received. We are using their service 48 hours per week and our weekday caregiver has been with us since day one - she is fantastic. They do a great job matching our needs and provide quick responses to our questions or requests. They are very reliable, consistent, license, and bonded which were my priorities when looking for a service. Due to our schedules, once in a while we have to ask for last minute care and they are very helpful with filling our needs.

Vee K., Santa Clara, CA
I sent them an online message and Angel called me the very next day. She answered all my questions and promptly emailed me Client Service paperwork to get the ball rolling. Ill keep updating as we go through this process of finding part time help for my father.

The day afterwards my parents and I met with Duanni - intelligent, professional, empathetic, curious and thorough. After, I left, she walked through the house in a non obtrusive way. She emails and texts swiftly.

Within a week, she found a match for us! His first day was yesterday and he came with his Manager. I thought that this extra step, really insured that we would have quality care and communication. My Chinese mom is not easy to please and she is glad that our new Korean male helper is exactly what she wished for.

Weston F., Stow, MA
My father is 100+ and is still living in his own apartment. Up to May 30 he was almost fully independent, including cooking his own meals. However, since June he has required 24 hour care, while he undergoes rehab, relearns to walk, and goes to physical and water therapy. Starlight provides 12 hour shifts as well as shorter 4,8 or 10 hour periods when requested. The caregivers provide his personal care, prepare meals and do light housekeeping. They also drive his wheelchair accessible van to shop, get to appointments and make trips out to dinner, visit friends and go to doctors appointments.

Duanni and Angel have been exceptionally responsive, almost always attending to my e-mails or phone calls immediately, and making changes in personnel whenever someone does not seem to fit quite so well with my dad. The result has been provision of a very strong team for him, with professional back up in place on those occasions when a scheduled caregiver is not available.

Starlight's Family Portal is very useful, as it provides each individual caregiver's care notes for their shifts. Also provided is a schedule of who is coming at least a week in advance. This helps put me at ease, as my wife and I live in the Boston area and the web posted schedule combined with phone calls, texts and e-mails from Duanni and Angel keeps me in close touch with Starlight on any personnel shift changes, schedule readjustments, or possible medical issues my dad might have requiring attention beyond what StarLight caregivers are allowed to provide.

We receive a synopsis and references for any proposed new staff before they begin with my dad. Every potential caregiver is independently vetted by my dad and by me.

My dad wants to continue living in his apartment and StarLight deserves our thanks in making this possible. I recommend them highly to other potential clients looking for caregiving from an agency that demonstrates exceptional professional service, responsiveness, warmth and efficiency.

T.S.H., San Francisco, CA
I found Starlight Caregivers through YELP and decided to reach out to them after reading all the excellent reviews and browsing their well organized website. My mother had suffered a stroke over the holidays and eventually transitioned to a skilled nursing facility; while there she was confused, distraught, and at high risk for injury which would have impeded her rehabilitation and recovery had I not found a caregiver to be with her.

I emailed them and got a phone call back the very next day. Angel was extremely sweet and professional, asking me a lot of questions about my mother's needs. She came to the rehab facility to meet my mother and me, and performed a very thorough assessment of my mother's needs and the surrounding environment (bathroom, bed, mobility impairments). Duanni the founder also stopped by to visit my mom and answer all of my remaining questions. I found her and the entire admin staff to be professional, empathetic and sincere. Good people.

Starlight was able to personally match my mother up with a few caregivers based on her needs and personality. Not only did they provide her company, but they helped toilet, feed, and exercise her when the obviously overworked facility staff could not. Starlight immediately was able to provide me with caregivers anytime I needed due to my mother's quickly changing caregiver scheduling needs. We had caregivers at night, sometimes during the day. I found the caregivers to be well trained, many with prior healthcare experience. Starlight works really hard to find a good match between client and caregiver so if one does not seem a good fit by the client, they continue to work on finding a good one.

What I am impressed by with Starlight is their professionalism, their large roster of caregivers to provide a good match to your needs, and their organization. The staff were available 24hours a day and kept in constant contact with me depending on MY (mom's) needs, so text, email AND phone contact was made available to me. On top of that their website has a patient sign on page where one logs in to see the caregiver progress notes on what transpired during the day, as well as the caregiver schedule for the entire month; there are also caregiver profiles for you to see. I found this highly helpful due to my busy schedule. I could just sign in on my phone to see who was coming or what had transpired the previous day if I wasn't able to visit.

While i hope not to need another caregiver, IF i did, I wouldn't hesitate to use Starlight again. My experience with them left me with a good impression of how caregiving can be a blessing when done right. While I don't have experience with any other caregiving agency, I doubt I'd use a different one. Starlight sets the bar pretty high.

Margaret L., Los Angeles, CA
Starlight Caregivers couldn't have been a better service. My mother shattered her shoulder, and I needed to quickly find care for her when she came home from the hospital. Duanni Hurd, the founder, met with myself and my mother while she was still in the hospital; from there she was able to personally select the right caregiver for my mothers' pain management and movement restriction needs.

Zoila, the caregiver, not only gave fantastic care to my mother, but was also a much-needed companion to her during this stressful recovery period. My mother was thrilled to have someone who was both responsible and sensitive by her side.

The billing and communication process was beautifully facilitated through the Starlight Caregivers website portal - never once did I feel "out of the loop" or uninformed as to how my mother was progressing in her recovery or how the caregiver rotation was being handled by Starlight Caregivers.

All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone looking to find in-home care.

Denise H., San Jose
If I could give them 10 stars I would. Starlight Caregivers was extremely professional, helpful and sympathetic to our needs especially when we were going through hospice care for my grandmother. They were very resourceful and extremely professional . They provided us with documents highlighting their proof of insurance and coverage. They carefully screen their employees and that gave us a lot of comfort.

They are highly specialized in bilingual service for the Chinese, and that was definitely something that we desperately needed for my grandmother because she didn't speak any English. After her passing days, they still followed up with us to see how the family was doing and provided us with resources to help us cope with the loss. It made us feel that they were a part of our family.

R.D., Mountain View, CA
We have been working with Starlight since June to provide care to my mother-in-law. She is suffering with serious dementia but is not able to acknowledge her need for help. This has required a delicate balance of trying to get her to accept new people into her life and home without provoking her to just slam the door with a definitive "NO". Duanni has been extremely dedicated and responsive in trying to make this work so that my mother-in-law can remain in her home. She has provided two Mandarin speaking caregivers, both of whom have been innovative and creative in thinking how to make it work with an often difficult client. We are all still working hard to make this a success, but much progress has been made since June.

We highly recommend Duanni and Starlight Caregivers for their dedication, the quality of the people with whom we have interacted, their professionalism. And, again, Duanni has been available at all times of the day and on weekends to help us interface with the caregivers in the moment. Kudos to Starlight and we are so grateful that they are assisting us with taking care of our family member.

Timothy H., San Jose, CA
StarLight caregivers provided key care for my father during the last 6 months of his life while he was in hospice at his home. StarLight was thorough in their evaluation of my father's needs, and all the caregivers were well qualified and good human beings who I came to regard as friends. I would highly recommend StarLight to others with similar needs.

Irene H., Palo Alto, CA
Duanni and StarLight caregivers found the most amazing caregiver for my mother. Duanni came to my parents' house for a complimentary assessment of my mother, her care needs, and the house, then proceeded to find us a caregiver. We were specifically looking for a Mandarin Chinese caregiver and had tried two other larger agencies in the area who were unable to find a good match. After one or two caregivers who did not "fit" with our needs, Duanni found us the perfect match and we could not be happier.

Linnea J., San Jose, CA
As a professional caregiver, I have worked for quite a few agencies and also in-patient facilities. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work for Duanni and her team. Management is awesome. They try very hard to make sure the clients and their staff are happy and generally succeed! They found me a client immediately after hire and the client and family are a fit for me. Thank you Starlight for giving me this chance to work for a top-notch agency.

Gary D., Warren, MI
We first became aware of Starlight when my mother suffered a bad fall and we had to find overnight support for her while hospitalized. We contacted Starlight literally on a Saturday afternoon and they had an experienced highly qualified person at the hospital within 90 minutes! Talk about a load off of our mind.

We continued to use Starlight for the remainder of the week my Mom was in the hospital and even now that she has been moved to a skilled nursing facility. Duanni has always been engaged with the process and has been a big part of making sure that my mother is on the road to recovery.

I heartily recommend this agency and know that you will be more than satisfied with their attention to detail and quality of service.

Jia S., Palo Alto, CA
Starlight is great quality team that is flexible, responsive, and very caring. They are highly recommended.

We've been working under quite a bit of stress with bevvy of health issues over the years with our parents and grandfather, so we have good experience with what healthcare and caregivers can provide. We decided to bring on Starlight because of an immediate need with my grandfather. Our requirements were the help to be fluent in Chinese, strong to help move my grandfather around, and be professional with the medical and personal needs of my grandfather.

They came in immediately to do an assessment, spoke to my grandfather and us to put together the list of needs and responsibilities for the staff that would be helping. Since then, they've been providing almost 24/7 care with a rotating group of people that are pretty fantastic. Everyone cares, and provides support to their teammates and our family. Our requirements changed, and they adapted very quickly to it.

We don't have any reservations in working with the Starlight team and will recommend them always.

Glenn M., Bend, OR
I cannot say enough about the high quality of care that my parents received from Starlight Caregivers. Duanni has built an incredible team of Professional Caregivers and Management Staff that far exceeded our expectations. I have to mention Rosa specifically who was exceptional. Knowledgeable, experienced, caring and professional. She became like a member of the family and took care of my folks like they were her own. Angel in the office was always accessible, responsive and kept everything extremely organized and on track. I highly recommend Starlight and their team of professional caregivers!! Thank you Starlight for helping us through a difficult time!!

Barbara T., Palo Alto, CA
We were referred to StarLight CareGivers by Avenidas after sub-standard service with our then current caregiver service. Duanni met with my mom, my sister and myself and I liked her right away. So did my mom, who was very cautious with anyone new. Duanni spoke directly to my mom and got a sense for who she was therefore bringing the right caregiver to live with my mom. Duanni expressed her concerns with regards to her safety and suggested safety measures in her home to make mom as safe as possible. Mom lived her last several months in her home enjoying the company of her caregiver from StarLight and my sister, brother and myself felt secure knowing that my mom was being well watched and taken care of.

Nancy P., Washington, DC
When my father suddenly needed 24-hour private duty care after surgery, we turned to Starlight Caregivers, because they had been so responsive and attentive to detail when we had used them earlier to provide an escort for medical appointments. The service proved to be very quick at finding a good overnight care provider on very short notice. When my father continued to need afternoon and evening care, Starlight found some wonderful caregivers who could come regularly. They became not just caregivers, but also companions. They bonded with him in different ways, such as listening to music, playing games, watching sports on TV, or just talking. Best of all, they truly cared, as did Duanni and Aliza, who are very organized, understanding, and forward-thinking in their use of technology. I was able to log into a client portal to read helpful shift notes from each caregiver.

Linda A., Palo Alto, CA
I hired Starlight Caregivers to care for me after surgery. I chose them because of the professionalism of the owner, Duanni Hurd, and for the obvious attention to the needs of the client, the caregiver, and the business itself. My main caregiver was perfect for me; the right combination of skills in personal care, companionship, and meal prep. She was careful to keep everything clean and tidy. I appreciated the scheduling flexibility as my needs changed. I recommend them highly.

Sylvie W., Atherton, CA
This agency is top notch. My father needs 24/7 care, can't walk, is on dialysis, has a pacemaker and yet gets bored and sometimes demanding. They have gone out of their way to make life more serene for him and for me. The staff is very dedicated to their work. Our main caregiver is a dream and my father adores her. The staff is quick to react, extremely professional and extremely loving and caring. I would recommend Starlight, Duanni Hurd and her excellent team in a heart beat.

D.W., San Jose, CA
My mom just had hip replacement surgery on Jan.1 and we had to decide between a rehab facility or home care with a full time caregiver. We chose the latter and have not regretted it for one minute thanks to Duanni and her team. I actually called at 6:30 am thinking I would get the agency answering machine but instead, Angel (yes, there is no such thing as a coincidence) answered the phone. By 11 am, Duanni was at Good Samaritan Hospital chatting with my mom and me. My mom was discharged at 5:00pm and we had our second angel of the day, Zoila at the house ready to care for my mom. Zoila is truly a blessing (professional, warm, organized, tidy, and a good listener) and took amazing care of my mom until we relocated her back home to San Diego. We were also able to have Ruth in our home for a few days. Ruth was also amazing and caring. Duanni went above and beyond to make sure things were just right for all of us during this very stressful time. I would not hesitate to recommend the entire team!!!! Thank you all!

B.C., Palo Alto, CA

Excellent service! The assistants are well trained, kind, caring, and professional. The company is very responsive to individual family needs. So happy they are caring for my mother.

Suzanne S., Reno, NV

This year my parents-in-law needed extra help in their independent living apartment while they waited for a place in assisted living to become available. Both are now 93; my mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and my father-in-law has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 months. We started with StarLight for a few hours a day 5 days a week; soon we needed them 5-6 hours a day 7 days a week.

They were unfailingly wonderful, both caregivers and staff. One caregiver in particular was able to have great scientific conversations with my father-in-law, who has a PhD in chemistry, but even more important was the level of care and kindness given to my in-laws that I both witnessed and heard about. The President and a member of staff even visited my father-in-law to wish him a happy birthday weeks after he and his wife had moved into assisted living and no longer were using Starlight. However, should we need them again we would not even consider going to another agency. I would recommend StarLight CareGivers unreservedly.